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Alex Goddard

This Is Alex Goddard

Hi, I’m Alex Goddard.

You have your own reasons for being here. what ever the reason thanks for coming here. But if you got here by accident and have no interest to know anything about me, then that ok you can leave and go about your own business :-).

So what’s my story.

I was born in Reading, Berkshire, England 1962.

I grew up in a happy stable home with my Mum and Dad, 4 older brothers and 1 sister.

I lost my Mum in 1975 and 15 years later lost my Dad, they were great parents to me and have lovely memories of them both R.I.P.

I went to an odanary school in Reading and I have to be honest, I never liked school as you will find out by my great writing skills… lol, and the reason is probably because learning was never easy for me and  would  have much rather have spent my time fishing building camps and doing what ever I wanted and not what I had to do. I have to say I have had to catch up the best I could on all the learning I didn’t do at school. But I was interested in the hands on learning like Metal work, wood work and art.

I left school a bit early at the age of 15 And went straight into full time work with a company called Suncell. Thy specialised in applying a heat reflecting solar film on windows to stop the heat, and the glare and the UV. I worked at Suncell for 4 years and then I was made redundant.

My next job was working for Gillett’s for only 6 months. And at that time I was living in a bedsit in the centre of Reading with my girl friend and now my wife that was expecting our first child.

That’s when my brother John offered to teach me the skills of floor and wall tiling, working as a self employed floor and wall tiling contractor. I will always be grateful to him for giving me that opportunity.

because of that tiling opportunity I brought my first house. The House was a bit of a rundown property and was in need of of a lot of TLC. So we decorated one room and my wife and I and our first child moved out of the bedsit into that one room. And renovated the rest of the house while we lived there.

After a few years I left my brother John to prove my worth in the world as a floor and wall tiling specialist. I started working in the commercial industry for about 9 years, over that period of time I slowly built up a name for myself in the domestic world of tiling, working direct for to the customer. Up until that time all the work I did was in ceramic floor and wall tiling.

By this time we had move 3 times up the property ladder and each time we moved we completely renovated all the houses to how wanted them to be. And with every house move we had another child. (New house new child) lol. We had some fantastic fun with the boys as they grow up and went through life. All 3 boy are men and left home, and its fantastic to see them out in the world doing there own thing.

On Christmas day 2017 We became grand parents to Alfie Joseph Goddard.
such and amazing experience to have in our life’s :-).

With the changing trends of my industry I decided to push my services towards fixing natural stone floor and wall tiles. That is when I came in contact with a London based bathroom company that had a bathroom show room in Kensington, London named Pipedreams. I was given new challenges in the world of marble, sand and limestone tiling and mosaic. This is where I really had to prove myself as a tiler. Every job had to be teetering on the verge of perfection because of the wealthy based clientele that Pipedreams had, but hay, when there they were paying top dollar for work anybody would expect perfection and quality workmanship.

I also started to get involved in the full installation of bathrooms shower wet rooms and steam-rooms where I could take control of the quality from the start to Finnish of every project I took on.

In 2009 I discovered the internet and decided learn how all this internet stuff works so I could take my business online to create work for my self. I didn’t realise what a massive learning curve this was going to be for me. I had never done any thing like this before, so the leaning has been the big challenge of my life. But like everything I have taken on in life I have always succeeded in and  have never given up. But I have to admit I still struggle from time to time.

During the early stages of my internet education, I did find a reliable mentor. Like my Dad use to say don’t try and invent the wheel, if you want to learn a skill find a person that can teach you how to do the skill you want to learn.

I went about Googling to find a reliable mentor and was lucky and found a  young guy Stuart Ross that seemed to know what he was talking about. I followed his basic teaching for a few month and learnt a bit. In October 2011 he started up his own cochining and training website called the six figure mentors and decided to join. I realised I need to keep all my education and website hosting in one reliable place where I could  get reliable Knowledge for my business.

I have been in this industry for around 35 years and have created some beautiful work for my customers and I have really enjoyed doing this. But over the last few years I’m not enjoying my skill. It is hard industry and I think I’m just getting a little bit older and the work load over the years has taken toll on my body. I get concerned sometimes that If I was to injure myself how will I pay my bills and lifestyle. I sometimes look at the older guys that have worked in the same industry as me, and they’re health is not vary good as thy move in to retirement.

I have created a lovely home for my wife and family and getting up at stupid o’clock in the morning travelling away from my home to the different places to work I’m just not feeling it any more.

I feel grateful how my life has been up to now but there’s a time when I have to say to my self Time to change what I do for the better and start creating an income from home while I’m reasonably fit and helthy and still able to work and build a business from home on the internet.

Since I have been with Stuart Ross and the coaching and training website SFM I have learnt a lot more about another type business. The business I have been working hard in over the years only pays me when I have finished the work. Ok, I get referrals from that work I have done by that happy customer, but I will never get paid for doing that work again and that’s the way it’s been for me over the years.

The other business I have learnt about is selling a quality online internet based product or service once and getting paid every month for that same quality product and service. To me that is vary appealing and just make sense to build a Custermer bace of this type of product. Do the work once and keep getting paid for it WOW, I wish I had found out about this type of business years ago.

Just like any skill there is a process of learning how to do this the correct way and the time save is finding the correct process to learn that works

The coaching and training website SFM that I have been a member of over the last several years specialise in teaching how to create this type of business from scratch. I can recommend them because I have seen great success with there students and with creating my own business online.

SFM  have a vary informative free  on demand video work shop that will show you what this business is all about and how it works >>Click Here<< to sign up for the free work shop.

Well if you are still here that probably means that you have read bit about me and know me a little and maybe you can relate to my story. And maybe you are interested in a change in your work life. You can contact me if you have any questions when you have been through the video workshop. It’s great to give the opportunity to change someones life.

Just want to say thanks for reading a small part of my life

All the best for your future 🙂

Alex Goddard